What has the Killeen-Temple MPO Accomplished in our region?

Below is a list of the projects which have recently been funded from a variety of state and federal sources.

Project Description Total Project Cost TIP Year
1 B15-01 0909-36-128,
W 9th Ave Loop 121 to University Dr on UMHB campus Construct new roadway and bridge
$3,990,610 FY15
2 C35-04 0909-39-126 Courtney Lane Sidewalks FM 116 to Fairbanks St Construct roadway/pedestrian improvements
 $273,133 FY15
3 K35-03 0909-36-147 W Trimmier Rd Jasper Dr to Elms Rd Reconstruct and widen to six lanes, access drive improvements, install signals and turn lanes $8,214,573 FY15
4 A35-02 Cat. 7 Bus Replacement HCTD service in Temple UZA Two replacement 25-passenger (Type 11) fixed route buses – $803,303 FY14
5 A40-03 0909-36-154 Bus Replacement Killeen/Temple UZA Purchase of Fixed Route Service (FRS) buses and/or Special Transit Service buses  $1,214,606 FY17
6 B40-03 0015-05-048 Main St Sidewalks Avenue C to Avenue J Phase 1 of the proposed sidewalk expansion will include the repair and installation of sidewalks $406,908 FY17
7 C40-02a 0724-05-011 Ave D Sidewalk South Main St. to South 2nd St. Construct multi-terraced pedestrian walkway to include ramps, railings, crosswalk $330,492 FY17
8 H40-02 0909-36-153 Traffic Circle at Commercial Dr Intersection of Commercial Dr. and Heights Dr. Construct traffic circle at intersection $571,349 FY17
9 K30-02 0909-36-156 Rosewood Dr Extension Riverstone Dr to Chaparral Rd. Construction of a 4 lane roadway with center median with  and off-system bridge $8,642,149 FY16
10 N40-01 2057-01-009 Main Street Connectivity Avenue I to US190 Frontage Construct ADA bicycle/pedestrian pathways along Main Street and under US190 $627,186 FY17
11 T35-24 0909-36-155, 2137-02-007 Prairie View Road Enhancements West of SH 317 to N. Pea Ridge Construction of a 4 lane roadway, aligning FM 2483 to Prairie View Road with signalized intersection  $6,858,000 FY17
12 B35-01 0909-36-144 City Street Loop 121 to University Dr on UMHB campus Construct Chisholm Trail Corridor facility
$1,569,750 FY15
13 K35-02 0909-36-145 City Street Rimes to Watercrest Rd Construct Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Trail, Segment 3 $1,940,664 FY15
14 D35-01 0752-03-024 FM 935 Main Street to US Post Office Troy, TX Construct downtown Troy Streetscape-Historic Commercial District
$499,388 FY15
15 K40-21a 0909-36-152 Heritage Oaks Hike & Bike Trail Seg. 4 Platinum Drive to Chaparral Road Construct Shared Use Pedestrian/Bicycle Path $3,899,071 FY16
16 B40-04 0909-36-157 Chisholm Trail corridor Hike and Bike Phase II 0.25 MI S of Crusader Way to Sparta Rd at Commerce St. Construct alternate transportation route consisting of shared-use path for pedestrian and bicyclists $3,109,795 FY17
17 N40-02 0909-36-159 Old Nolanville Road Elementary Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvements Old Nolanville Rd at Warriors Path Rd to Shaw Branch Creek Construct alternate transportation route consisting of shared-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists $673,782 FY17
19 T40-11 0909-36-150 N. 31st St. Sidewalks & Enhancements N. 31st Street from SH53 to Nugent Drive Phase 1 to Construct Pedestrian/Bike Trail $307,740 FY15
20 C40-03 0724-05-009 Avenue D Streetscape FM113 from FM116 to Main Street Construct streetscape improvements to downtown Copperas Cove $221,220 FY15
21 K40-20 0909-36-151 Brookhaven Bike/Ped Trail Traverse Drive to Brookhaven Elementary School Construct alternative transportation route of Pedestrian/Bike Trail  $348,837 FY15
22 K40-23 0909-36-160 Heritage Oaks Hike & Bike Trail, Segment 3 Rosewood Drive from Flagstone to Pyrite Construction of a hike and bike trail with lighting $849,000 FY18
23 C40-02b 0909-39-130 Avenue D Streetscape Avenue D Streetscape Construction of multi-terraced concrete walkways, ramps, railings, striping and necessary signage $367,142 FY17
24 W40-01 0398-04-059 SH 317 FM 2305 to FM 439 Widen from 2 to 4 lane with raised median $18,998,000 FY17
25 H15-02b 2304-02-036, 2304-02-040 FM 2410 Roy Reynolds Dr to Commercial Dr Widen from 2 to 4 lane roadway, with sidewalks, median and turn lanes in a context sensitive design $9,200,419 FY17
26 W40-02 0231-03-143 US 190 1.0 mi West of FM2410 to Knights Way Widen from 4 to 6 lane roadway $9,510,000 FY17
27 T25-06 0184-04-046  Loop 363 At Spur 290 PHASE 1 of interchange construction $10,415,448 FY15
28 A35-01 FTA 5339 Bus Replacement HCTD service in Killeen UZA Replacement of ADA-accessible paratransit buses $77,930 FY15
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