What is a Fitness Friendly Business Program?

The Fitness Friendly Business Program recognizes local businesses as being bicycle and pedestrian friendly. This initative can drive economic success, decrease congetions, promote healthy lifestyles and increase quality of life. Businesses catering towards cyclists and pedestrians can provide several positive impacts, not only for the community, but for the business as well. Non-motorized users can save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, allowing them to spend more on goods, hobbies and recreational activities. Cyclists and pedestrians are more likely to notice a business when biking and walking than traveling in an automobile, which may attract cyclists and pedestrians to the business.

Fitness Friendly Businesses

Salado-Barrow Brewing Co.

  • Access to Restrooms
  • Access to Free Water
  • Bike Racks
  • Cellphone Charging Station
  • First Aid Kit

What are the steps in becoming a Fitness Friendly Business?

Businesses who want to participate in the Fitness Friendly Business Program must meet a minimum of three criteria. Businesses are required to allow cyclists and pedestrians to use the bathroom facilities and provide water. Businesses may choose at least one more criteria from the following list.

  • Designated Bicycle Parking
  • Bicycle Repair Kit
  • 15% Discount for Cyclists and Pedestrians
  • First Aid Kit
  • Accessibility of Businesses to Cyclists and Pedestrians
  • Charging station to allow Cyclists and Pedestrians to Charge Electronic Devices
  • Or any other amenity that cater towards cyclists and pedestrians.

Businesses will be required to fill out an application to be considered membership of this program. The application will be reviewed and evaluated to see if the business meets the necessary criteria. KTMPO will be recognizing the business by displaying the location of the business on the KTMPO Bicycle/Pedestrian Web Map and recognition of the businesses in the KTMPO newsletter and on social media.